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Thursday, September 08, 2005

My Labor Day weekend?

Well, sure; I had one. Didn't everybody? Why is it Thursday already and I haven't written about my weekend. I don't know, busy I guess. So what did I do with 4 entire days off? Let's see...

Friday, the BSU and I did a little shopping and had a very nice lunch in the Union Grill. It is part of the Union pacific railroad station that now houses several nice museums and a gift shop or two. John Moses Browning's original gunsmith bench is here as well as the rest of his shop in the Browning Gun Museum, which I did not get to revisit! It was our first visit to the restaurant but I'm certain it won't be our last. The food was terrific. I had a chicken and sausage gumbo, the spouse had french onion soup and a salad that she raved about. And tiramisu and coffee for desert! Yum.

Friday night was special because I had convinced the spouse to attend a Raptors baseball game with me! We sat on the first base line because I was late getting tickets for my regular area but otherwise it was a nearly perfect baseball night. We even got 33% more baseball than a regular night because we stayed through the midpoint of the top of the 12th inning! We finally walked out when the Raptors went down 7-4 with only one Orem Owl out. By the time we walked the 2 blocks to the truck, the score had changed to 11-4! The Raptors got waxed- terribly.

On a related note- the Raptors face off against the Owlz again on Friday night for the first of 3 playoff games. In the series last week the Raptors only got 2 wins from 7 games against the Owlz. That doesn't bode well for the playoffs but I'm buying tickets for Saturday night's game anyway!

So, where was I? Saturday was homework in the morning, a repair on the scooter and then a movie date. The repair was to one of the handlebar mirror mounts. Underneath the plastic cover is a normal looking set of handlebars and the mirrors mount to welded on brackets. One of the brackets had failed and my first attempt to re-weld the broken stub only lasted one day. So, I cut the entire original bracket off, bent up a new one, drilled the hole for the threaded insert and got it all welded back together. And it all fit... And its lasted 4 days so far!

The movie? Redeye. A very fine thriller movie. Not creepy or supernatural or other-worldly, just a really fine thriller. Worth the admission costs if you like that kind of film.

Sunday- more homework. Then omelets for a late breakfast and then in the afternoon, a trip to Cabelas! Yes! We have a brand new Cabelas Outfitters store down in Lehi, that's 60 miles from home. It just opened earlier this month. The spouse and the boy went along and we had a pretty wonderful time. And I only spent $60! But what a very cool store it is. Its similar in design and scope to the Bass Pro Stores, with an aquarium and a mountain with stuffed animals on display, a small trout stream and a real outfitter's airplane hanging from the ceiling. It would be very easy to rub the numbers on a credit card completely smooth in that place but having the spouse nearby really kept me from going overboard with the purchases. I did buy 3 boxes of ammo for the new rifle, some candy and son Noah got a pair of new jeans.

And since I bought more ammo- of course on Monday we had to shoot it up! First there was a thorough carport clean-up necessary after the boy's engine change that was completed the previous weekend. Then, we got to go shooting and we had a blast. The new Savage 223 rifle took about 6 shots to get it shooting to point of aim. After that I took to shooting someone's left over clay pigeons on a hillside at 150 yards! Heh! What fun that was! I also, finally got the Stevens Favorite shooting where I pointed it. I even hit the prairie dog targets that I set at 75 yards 3 times out of 6 using my Model 19 from a sandbag!

Afterwards, there was a dandy dinner at home and guns to clean before sitting down to a little television watching with the spouse. And that's how I spent my weekend!

I'm sending this in through an email post with no time to chase links right now. Tonight maybe. More likely tomorrow. Check back!

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